Air & Gas Coolers

These coolers are mostly used to cool down a process or special equipment under the test. We design, develop and manufacture openloop coolers for years. We have portable and stationary designs.


  • Temperature Stability: ±0.18°F (0.1°C)
  • Temperature Range: -94°F (-70) to 300°F (150°C) (depends on flow medium and moisture content)
  • Pressure Range: Atmospheric (via integrated blower) or Elevated Pressures like 150 Psig (10 barg)
  • Small Footprint

Typical Applications:

  • Rack Cabinets
  • Data Centers
  • Servers
  • Units Under Test
  • PCBs
  • Heat Sinks
  • Computers
  • Processors
  • GPUs

Let us know your special requirement so we can provide you the best solution.