Flow Computer and Meter for Gas

Revindus develops and manufactures tailormade flow computers and orifice flow meters for gas applications including Natural Gas. If you need a special flow computer according to your demand, we can provide you a unique solution in economical way.

For Natural Gas, to obtain the accurate results the flow computer is able to use the gas chromotograph (or manual) composition of the natural gas mixture from the well. After having data from the DP sensor, temperature sensor and pressure sensor, thermophisical properties of the gas (density, viscosity, compressibility, isentropic exponent, wobble index etc.) and flow properties (Reynolds Number, mass flow rate, accumulated flow etc.) will be calculated and shown.

The unit is still under development, this means any requirement from your side is very welcome! We can develop a flow computer according to your demands. Our recent design consists of:

  1. Communication Ports
    • 3 x RS232
    • 2 x RS485
  2. Analog I/O
    • 4 x 4-20 mA Input
    • 2 x PT100 Input
    • 1 x Output (0.1% Accuracy)
  3. Digital I/O
    • 2 x DI Software Configurable
    • 2 x DO Software Configurable
  4. Historical Log & Data Storage
    • Date & Time
    • Ave DP
    • Ave P
    • Ave T
    • Flow T
    • Instantaneous Flow
    • Accumulated Flow
    • Instant Energy
    • Hourly, Daily, monthly logs
  5. Audit Reports
  6. Calibration Reports