Data Logger and Transfer Systems

Collecting the data from the process is the beginning of the trip. We build our own dataloggers, transfer systems, analysis and report software in house for the best solution. Thanks to our flexible design, we can offer any solution that you need.

Types Of Loggers:

  •   Portable
  •   Stationary

Standard Configuration:

  •   16 Bit Standard Resolution
  •   24 Bit available upon request
  •   10 Channel 4-20mA, modularly expandable
  •   20 Channel 0-10V , modularly expandable
  •   6 Channel PT100, modularly expandable

We can integrate the sensors inside the box. That means you dont need to wire up the sensors and deal with the trouble. All you need is to have a pneumatic hose for pressure sensors and nothing for PT100. Our most popular sensor combination box consist of:

  • 10 x Pressure Sensors: % ±0.25% accuracy, 0-230 Psig
  • 6 x Temperature Sensors: PT100, 23 ft cable length, stainless steel uniton with adjustable immersion length

For other combinations, you can contact to us.