Portable Sonic Nozzle Flow Meter (New!)

Our recent development enabled us to share this revolutionary product family with you. Sonic nozzle flow meters are known as a laboratory scale accurate flow measurement system, used for calibration or validation purposes.

We have finally completed the design, prototype and field tests, and now we are happy to launch our brand-new concept: Portable Sonic Nozzle Flow Meter System

You might be curious about the flowmeter accuracy used in your line, or even think about validations and calibrations. Most of the time, they are not calibrated under working conditions (Pressure, temperature, humidity levels etc.).

Are you sure that your customer's compressors can generate the flow written on the label? What happens if the air end worn out, leakage occurs in the package itself or it was overhauled but not at its best shape? Thanks to our new concept, now you have the chance to test the compressor, with the same technology used by Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) to determine the verification of the unit.

Please note that, in our lab scale unit that we measure 2500 CFM of compressed air, consists of 5 nozzles and each nozzle can weigh up to 60 lbs. With this revolutionary design, overall system weighs only 35 lbs! This makes the whole thing portable. From the image gallery below, you can see a comparison between lab and portable system.

Standard Features:

  • Wide Measurement Range: 3-2200 CFM
  • Light Aluminum Construction: Weighs 35 lbs in total!
  • 600:1 Turn Down Ratio!
  • Internationally Recognized
  • Real Mass Flow Reading
  • Long Term Accuracy and Repeatability
  • No Upstream Piping
  • No Moving Parts
  • No Differential Pressure Reading
  • Wet/Oily Gas Reading
  • Robust and Heavy Duty
  • Downstream Has NO Effect on Flow Rate
  • ±0.7% to ±0.15% reading accuracy can be achieved
  • Repeatability can be low as down to ±0.15%

This product is perfect solution for:

  • On Site Calibration of Gas Flow Meters Under Pressure and Real Working Conditions
  • On Site Compressor Acceptance Test According to ISO1217 and CAGI
  • On Site Validation of Gas Flow Meters Under Pressure and Real Working Conditions
  • Flow Testing
  • CV Testing of Valves Under Pressure and Real Working Conditions
  • On Site Compressed Air/Gas Filter and Dryer Performance Test