All designed and applied by Revindus Engineers, with a deep expertise on compressed air applications.. All tailor made, all one of a kind and all original! Any requirement for your plant, R&D or Quality Lab.. Just let us know, YES WE CAN DO IT FAST! From electronics to hardware installation, from software to system integration… One address, reliable and complete solution.




One product for all compressed air application. We simply integrate this product to acquire your compressed air data, analyze them and offer you some enhancement in real time. Yes, REAL TIME… No need to wait for compressed air auditors, no need to expertise on compressed air systems and their network. Let CentraComp do it for you!


How it works?

We Promise! No pressure or differential pressure sensor wired to your system! All pressure transducers are integrated into CentraComp box, you (or we can do the application for you) just need to plug hoses from the line to the magic box.


Real Time Analysis Contains..

  • Yearly compressed air consumption cost
  • What if you do maintenance now, the potential savings that you can do in terms of currency
  • Specific Power(i.e. KPI, kW used to produce 1Nm³/min of air)
  • The condition of equipment (intake filters, separators, dryers)
  • The condition of compressed air (pressure, dew point, temperature)
  • Annual, Monthly and Daily Reports on one click ahead
  • Continuous Monitoring

Why Continuous Monitoring??

  • The cost of compressed air per usage is increasing every single second
  • Decision of maintenance should be related to the cost/savings after application to reduce waste
  • Potential problems can be observed, and actions can be taken before any harm to the product/system
  • Savings before and after maintenance can be clearly seen
  • The quality and lifetime of the equipment used for maintenance can be seen



Auditing your compressed air system needs; expertise in compressed air systems, acquiring big data, reading and analyzing those data and reporting actual condition. Then adding/removing items, changing pressure bands etc. Means a lot of work to do. Besides if it seriously applied, minimum of 30 million of data to analyze we are talking about. Do you think that this could be done by an expert having Excel spread sheet in one hand? No way! This amount of data should be analyzed precisely to find the optimum solution for your system. That’s what EnergyComp does!


How it works?

We integrate our expertise on compressed air systems into this software. Our engineers install sensors, dataloggers to your system to acquire your compressed air system data for minimum of 2 weeks. For larger systems like 1 MW of installed compressor power, we prefer 1 month. Every single second, data is recorded to these multiple loggers and at the end of the application engineers take this with them and insert to EnergyComp. This was the hardest work done! The rest is in EnergyComp’s hand, analyzing, reporting, finding optimum combination, adding/removing compressors etc.


Simply EnergyComp Does:

  • Measure: By sensors integrated to your system
  • Acquire: By dataloggers
  • Analyze: By EnergyComp within minutes
  • Enhancements: Quick maintenance and potential savings
  • Simulation: Optimum solution for your system according to unique algorithm
  • Reporting: Including actual case, L/NL conditions, leaks, enhancement and simulation comparisons



ScrewPerformance & QualiComp


The most important pillar of the compressor is the screw itself (for screw compressors indeed). The performance of the screw should be tested and graphically shown to see the optimum point of operation. How about the package itself? Piping and fitting for example? Are they selected to be the best for that used screw in the package? How much pressure is dropped through the package itself? Yes, you need this product if you would like to see the total package performance in terms of power consumption, pressure drop and more!


How it works?

The software acquires huge amount of data from various points in the compressor package. The operator just needs to select the test period after adjusting the flow and pressure, logging interval and start testing. Fully auto-testing results a PDF report for that package. For VFD compressors, multi test is available. Even just looking at the screen, you can understand your system, where the pressure is dropped the most and so on.

QualiComp is also designed to check the end of your compressor manufacturing line to confirm the performance is OK. It yields a PDF report under the name of serial number so you can integrate this into your intranet management system.


Who Can Use Them?

  • Compressor Manufacturers
  • Air End Manufacturers
  • Compressor Services (who carry out the screw revisions)

Portable Datalogger


There are many options in the market like this product. We have designed and manufactured this for our own purpose to use with our software. We know, it doesn’t have a fancy cover or looks cool. It simply works, not too many windows/options to select, easy to connect the sensor and go ahead. That’s what most of the auditors in the field would like to have. We can do custom design for your purpose, even integrate sensors inside so you only need to connect hoses. Worth a try!


Default Channel Config

  • 16x 4-20mA
  • 8xThermocouple (any)
  • 6xPT100



  • Plug and Play
  • 24VDC integrated to every single channel
  • Free software
  • RS485 connection to do Online Monitoring and Logging
  • Custom Design